Calero Lake with the Dogs

Calero Lake is a California State Park located just outside of San Jose California. Minutes from South San Jose and Morgan Hill. Calero Lake is one of Santa Clara County’s most diverse regional park and recreation areas.  My wife and I took our dogs here over the past weekend.

California summers are hot and spending a day near a lake is a welcome change of pace from the scorching hear of the city. The dogs and people alike can enjoy the gentle breeze and scenery here at Calero Lake. Once part of the Pueblo lands of San Jose according to the Park Website, this approximate 4,455-acre park is nestled in the eastern foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains. Two distinct areas define this park: the reservoir, which offers a host of water-oriented recreational activities, and the adjoining “back country” which reveals to the visitor California Oak woodland, chaparral, riparian plant communities and associated wildlife habitats.

Calero Lake is open year round to visitors from 8:00 a.m. to sunset. If you own a horse in the are the back country offers 18.6 miles of trails available to hikers and equestrians. If you like fishing bring a rod, but keep in mind that the park is catch and release and you should not consume the fish due to mercury contamination.

Other than the fish eating restriction the park is extremely pleasant and is a great spot for an outing with family or family dogs.